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About Us


At Your On-Call TechXpert, we understand how important it is for real estate agents to stay focused on their top 20% of money-making activities:

  • Practice Conversations and Role Play

  • Lead Generation (Feed Your Database Every Day)

  • Lead and Database Follow Up (Communicate with Your Database in a Systematic Way)

  • Set and Go on Appointments

  • Negotiate Contracts

As successful agents ourselves, we know how building and maintaining systems can distract you from your most important activities.  Our mission is to be the support you need to embrace and excel at real estate specific technology tools so you can save TIME and MONEY to thrive in your business!

TechXpert:  Brett Bishop

Brett is a third-generation real estate professional with over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial sales and leasing. He has facilitated transactions amounting to a remarkable $150 million in volume as a founding member of The Bishop Group real estate team.


Brett is also a dedicated real estate trainer with over 13 years of experience in empowering professionals in the field. He specializes in business development and leverages cutting-edge systems, tools, and digital organization strategies to maximize success. Brett's deep-rooted experience, combined with his friendly and approachable demeanor, makes him a sought-after figure in the real estate community. He is passionate about helping others succeed and focuses on equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in today's dynamic market.

Brett Headshot for Real Estate Academy.png
TechXpert:  Peter Hopkins

Peter initially obtained his licensure in 1994, achieving the distinguished position of being among the top three producers in the UK for Prudential. By 1998, he launched English Estates Brokerage, effectively expanding it into an international enterprise with offices located in Florida. Peter was an early adopter of Real Estate online services in 1994, intuitively grasping the significant potential of the internet in promoting both British and American properties online.


Currently licensed in America, Peter holds the title of Director of Technology for a premier brokerage situated on Florida's east coast. His role includes empowering around 1000 agents to develop their businesses and thrive utilizing real estate technology. Peter's regular interaction with highly productive agents has endowed him with an extensive reservoir of knowledge about the precise requirements for success in a fiercely competitive market.

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